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I started a new game because of the patch and i decided to play with thrown weapons this time.
As i already had the level for the first athletic perk i choose "extra throwing weapon" which should give me an extra throwing weapon (per stack?) if i start on foot...
My character has 3 "Broad Blade Javeline" who are tagged both as one handed weapon and thrown and i started on horse with 15, which is alright as each pack has 5 javelines.
As i reached skill level 75 with my thrown weapon skill i got the perk "fully armed" which should give me +1 extra thrown weapon per pack.

In my next Battle i start on horse and still only got 15 Broad Blade Javelines with me not 18 as the perk suggests with my 3 packs and so 3 extra thrown weapon.
Next iam testing a battle where i start on foot and the perk mentioned above is not working too, as i again only start with 15 Javelines.
So i made the last test and dismissed all packs except one and in the next battle i start with the mentioned 5 Javelines in the item description.

Seems that the Perks for more throwing Weapons arent working at all or not with every weapon which i did not test sofar. But i was testing it with a southern throwing knife and simple Javelins too. Still no change, but the Javelins where grouped together in my hud to show me how many where left, which may be intended or wrong as they where different weapons. I could toggle all 3 thrown weapons, but the hud has shown the javlines as 1 pool for some reason.
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