Some Perk Effects are Misplaced.

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BLUF: Some perks have primary or secondary effects that do not match typical player progression.

Tactics 75 Small Unit Tactics -- having one more guy in a hideout doesn't matter and a 5% bonus to movement speed when under fifteen men in your party should be the very first perk in the Tactics line. Otherwise, when the hell is the player going to have only fifteen men in their party?

Tactics 100 Law Keeper -- granting 10% extra damage in simulation and 4% in mission against bandits. By time a player gets up to 100 Tactics, they have no problem with dusting off bandits en masse anyway.

Steward 200 Contractors -- the 25% reduction in mercenary wages and upgrades would be useful early in the game but not by time a player is up that high in Steward perks. By then they are probably able to peel off far more regulars due to relations.

There are others I didn't list but it is a bit of an issue. Nothing fundamental they just need to be swapped with others.
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