Some Observations and Questions About the Dog Companion

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I've noticed the dogs are basically tiny mounts and they like to run into people which is why you'll now hear the sound of people being hit while on the town/village menu if you have the scenes turned on.

In battle, Division 9 (Dog) can be given orders, including attacking even though they have no ability to attack.  I've done this a few times not thinking by hitting '0' for Everyone, and I've sent that poor mutt into the fray many a time.  He's a good distraction since enemies will attack/pursue him, but seems to do 0 damage so he's basically useless.

Can the dog be killed?  I had one that was wounded many times in battles and eventually I noticed he wasn't around any more.  I think he was killed, but without a way to interact with him like a regular companion, it's impossible to know his real status via menus.

Can you have more than one?  If not, then the first dog was definitely killed somehow as I went and got another one after I noticed the first was gone.

What does feeding the dog actually do for his stats?

If it can't do any damage, then should it really be able to be killed?  Maybe turn off collision detection (no clip) for dogs so they don't run into everyone?
Pets in the vast majority of games are such gimmicky pointless features. People went WOOOOO!!!!! at the dog in fallout 4 but i really don't give a ****, ill probably send the dog in first to run over landmines.

Same thing for me, not to get off topic here, but when I heard about Fallout 4 having a dog and it being "invincible", I think more of it as a hindrance to gameplay as you'll be taking care of it constantly or it could interrupt missions, the same way dumb companions in the past Fallout games do.

For now, in beta, the dogs are pretty useless, although I've read somewhere they weren't suppose to die in RE.
Never owned a dog in RE yet, do they help you in hunting boars?
Could someone list the full features that a dog has?

Bethesda has a habit of including invincible infants and animals.
You can buy all kind of weapons in the States, but actually being able to kill an infant or animal in-game is a no-no.
How silly it might sound.. this is one of my biggest turn downs of their games.. I rather have my dog vincible.


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Sorry for the necro, blame the search function for finding me an appropriate thread. Does the dog care about the condition of its food? Beef, chicken, and pork (not boar meat but pork) go from unmodified to fresh to day-old to 2 day old to smelling to rotten, with corresponding decreases in their resale value but AFAIK no change to their morale effect on your humans. So can you keep them until they rot and then feed them to your dog and still level him up? Or does he refuse them / stop gaining from them at some level of decay?

Would test but work is interfering with my gaming again.
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