Some nice items and features from viking conquest

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So before Bannerlord I played a lot of warband and even more of viking conquest since I am in love with early medieval period.Bannerlord takes place at the end of early medieval period so in 80% ways they are on the same page.But vilking conquest did some thinks better than warband and better than banerlord(yea for now since bannerlord is in ea).

-Proper civilian clothing for clan leaders/members and kings.for example the kingdom ruler should have the best looking clothes and a crown since its kinda weird when I se the grand prience of sturgia with bras shoulders,and the clan leaders should have some head silver/bronze circle.

-Better cloacks for sturgia,vlandia,battania influenced from slavic,anglo saxon/normans and welsh kingdoms.(some tunics in the same fashion will be nice)

-this was my fav in viking conquest.fortified camps.let us build forts and true limit them at 5 at would be a good defence for kingdoms like sturgia to build a fort at the mountain pass of some bridge.and yes the forts should not have a random generated scene if you build near a bridge it should use that in the favour of the fort and defenders or a small doc if you are building the for near the costal line.(we know at some point they will ad ships)

-the fort garrison should be 200 at max plus veteran militia(yes veteran is a fort not a tavern).the fort should have 3 stages.wood then wood and stone then stone.for wood the garrison should be 50 the next upgrade should give another 50 and the last one 100.the fort should let you hire patrols to defend the roads from looters and other funny people with good intentions for your caravans.

-when the devs will add the ship battles hope they will add cargo ships for us to have whater caravans :wink:)

-feel free to add what you liked from viking conquest and warband to bannerlord.I know the devs are looking at us.
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