Some Minor issues (just so you're aware)

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Hi Taleworlds team,

So far I am really enjoying Bannerlord. I knew going in that it being early access meant I would see some issues, and I don't see any other way to make you aware of them so that they can be fixed, so I will post them here as I come across them, and hopefully you will see this?

1. Elta the Wronged told me her father was "under the authority of ." and that she was "placed under 's guardianship" and that she would "settle her account with !" in the tavern. SO names aren't being given in her dialogue for some reason.

2. The riding ability "Spare Arrows" is not having any effect on my starting arrows in battle. I am rank 58 in riding, selected that ability, start battle on horseback, etc. no extra arrows.

I will add more as I come across them, please note these are not complaints, I am just hoping to bring them to your attention to be fixed.
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