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Of course, I know about the existence of the limitations of the game engine, but nevertheless I would really like to see that our highly experienced character knows how to handle a sword at least the way our female Cossacks do it.
Please add some flanking to the game. This will greatly decorate the battles, especially the fights in the MP, isn't it?


Do you mean "flanking" or "flourishing"?

Yeah, looks quite nice but I don't know whether decorative sword dances are a good idea when M&B is all about readable animations and their impact on the battlefield.


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No need for majorette stuff, thank you :lol: .


yes lets make our character flail about like in the witcher 3, I am sure that will add to the gameplay! very cool suggestion captain's mode player!


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Come on guys, don't be so simplistic, please. Don't you know women? Even an armed woman wants to maintain her femininity and attractiveness. Therefore, they are able to turn into a dance even such a Combat element of fencing as saber flanking :smile:). But this is really beautiful! And it also shows that the highest level of mastery of the blade is part of their national culture and history of the Cossacks and Caucasian highlanders (and this is cognitive at least).
But believe me (or use Google), saber flanking is not only a decorative element. Although even if your opponent in a real duel would use it in this form (only demonstrate his skill in flanking), probably only this would make you at least take a fighting stance, and not run at him on straight legs and in full growth, stupidly swinging with your weapon (but the duel mode is good anyway :smile:)? Otherwise, the first counterattack of even my little sister would have deprived you of your ears (if you were lucky:wink:) and made you worry about the fate of the remaining parts of your body.
Of course, I understand how difficult it is to implement saber flanking in the game (especially if it is used not only as decoration, but also as part of the feint system) and, in general, I do not really hope that this will be added to the BL, which even in its current state, I consider it a great game. But there is no limit to perfection, is there? And perhaps we will see such elements as combat stances and saber flanking at least in M&B3.
Thank you all for the discussion, guys!
PS:.. yeah @FearSpear ty too. And although I imagine skirmish mode as something like beach football or checkers compared to big football or chess (aka captain mode:wink:), but, unlike you, I do not spread this opinion of mine and, moreover, I do not impose his to anyone. And my attitude towards other members of game community is not based on my preferred them game mode.
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You would be surprised to know that cossack sword playing doesn't fit anything except sturgia in the best case.

I don't want to see any aserai swinging their sword around like that.
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