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Hello everyone and the dev team who made Native Expansion fro M&B:Warband(rather weird is in the M&B Nexus instead the warband one)

As a New player to the mod, not new to the game, I found some balances are questionable after 170 days playing with the mod going lone monarch(level "18" and having about 120 Vaegirs Master Bowmans carry my battle all the way, due wanting to ally with the Vaegirs Kindom, I declared war with the Sarranid Sultanate and it goes really endless loop of AI spam and pain to deal with, being alone might be the issue but nope, being alone I manage to take 2 Cities/Towns, and 5 Castles, to see them get took back by enemies with literally zero effort at all, let's explain the issue:

1. As much I like the Leadership Skill now gives 10 instead of 5 troop limits, but there is a real issue with it, the AI doubles and heck even quadruple their party size the the king alone can go 500 troops ALONE, while his vassels between 100-200 troops, I can eat vassels like breakfast if they are dumb enouth to 1vs 1 me cuz they think havinh more troops than me = win, but in siege? 2000 attackers vs 200 defenders? That's not fun, at all, + the AI seems to recover instantly if I free them to get that honor, which they will be back in the next day and stab my back, which makes me consider I should take them out one by one and leave the entire Kindom without a single commander to lead their battle... btw the raiders size also doubled, so is a real pain to grind for the early game and grad that I pass that somehow

2. The Sarranid Sultanate, let me understand this, they are suppose to be part of the Jack in all trade faction, but yet, their Cavary seems to be really OP due how many arrows they can survive in almost point blank range, I though the best Cavary of the entire game has the Swadia, Jesus they don't even need the horses, they can just walk to my troops and wack them till dead being so tanky, and below might be the reason why:

3. The armor, I really don't understand this, I pretty much got the best armor I can get since none of the merchant sells me stronger armor than me and my companions already use, I use a set of Spahbot armor(+12H +50B +15L) + Crown War Helm(+52H) + Sarranid Splinted Greaves(+24L), I can literally block arrow, darts, throwing knife in point blank with 0 damage received, maybe not for the throwing axe, somehow, which technically should block them since those throwing axes doen's do more than 50p? the fun thing, the damn spikes seems to do damage to me and they don't even have that much damage than the axe, and this armor, I got from the Sarranid Cavary, don't know how but I got it, and back to the Cavary, it seems my 45c Two-Hand Sword can't do any damage to them during siege, you can't really add extra damage with speed when you aren't now mounting a horse...

4. That's makes other issue, if the armor I can loot from the battle is better than anything I can buy with the merchant, are they really doing their job?

5. Bows are awful compared to Crossbow in terms of damage, and the funny thing is upper tier bows has less Speed Rating thant the low tier one, why? I mean the reason you use bow aside it doesn't require an extra click to reload it, is the speed rating, but now you can just pick a lower tier one with decent accuracy and the best arrow you can find is pretty much done, absolutely no reason to go for upper tier bows, like come on

6. I am afraid that the Yaegirs Master Bowmans are not that powerful as the wiki and forum claim, I don't know is the accuracy, the damage, the amount of arrow they have(seems not enough), the time they take to shoot the bow, or the max distance they can shoot and hit, they are just meh, the shield still block a lot of their arrows, and the cavary can just crush them no matter how far they are, absolutely disappointing for combat in open field unless the enemy is dumb and take their time to get close, even more disappointing when they fight in close combat, no chance at all, the only good thing they can do is ladder siege(Single ladder, the double one just forget it), the siege tower one doesn't do that well either, if they use Siege Crossbow, they might do far better with everything I mentioned, maybe that explain why the Mercenary Sniper perform better in any combat I encounter? Maybe I should consider recruiting Nords to deal any BS sine in short range their Throwing Axe Absolutly wreck shield, it can one shot some troop and drop those god forsake cavary like flies and of course they are also good in almost every encounter but open field

Edit: somehow typing "18" pop out and emote... wth

Edit2: tried to 1vs1 with the king, managed to kill most of it foot troops, the cavary? Nope those BS are untouchable, WTF

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the mod in the economy part till now, some minor skirmishes, but absolutely not conquering land and Defending Siege
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Sadly, Native Expansion is a perfect example of how trying to make EVERYTHING "uber" results in nothing being so. The mod ups the damage and protection values of most of the troops' equipment, making the vanilla stuff kind-of pointless. Bows DIDN'T get the "uber" treatment (the mod author probably doesn't like bows), so they're underpowered against the new equipment.

The vanilla game was well balanced for a gradual skill and equipment increase, so you started out with next to nothing, and the game centers around your steady increase in skills and equipment, with an ever-larger party. With everything bumped up, you start out close to the top and have practically nowhere to go from there. I gave up on the mod rather quickly, once I realized what had been done. It's a shame to see all of the nice artwork all-but wasted by poor balance.
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