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Some Armors still lack proper meshes

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Hey all , I'm hoping Taleworld sees this and doesnt forget to fix it , its not a big issue but it kinda kills the immersion. Some armors like the white coat and mail lack female body mesh , they look like the male counterpart even though they are very commonly used by female characters like lords. There other armors that have similar meshes like the red tabard and mail and this one does indeed have female meshes , why are there a few armors like white coat still with no female meshes?.Also the coat of plates has one of the highest armor values yet if you look at it , it only has armor in the upper area , it has no chainmail in the pants and the loincloth/tabard thing is the shortest one in game. Other armors offer more in these areas yet have lower armor values. That makes no sense.


I think these two things are separate issues, though the armour values of some things being higher than something else when there is visibly less protection than another given armour is something I've personally noticed too.
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