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Some Advancements for bannerlord

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As we all know this game is good but there are features that are missing the answer to this is simple, a concentration per patch. 1.6 was more about military, 1.7 should be based on Economics mainly on; trade and workshops(for single player) and Performance(multiplayer), 1.8 Tactics, 1.9 Mod manager(and optional tweaks).


I heard from someone that all teams work on all aspects simultaneously. I feel like combat is taking the lion share in terms of resources though. I can't wait for that to be done and dusted so that they shift all their focus on the other aspects of the game.


Not so simple. It's a sequel to Warband, so I'd expect it to add to the game? But currently, it lacks loads of things that existed in Warband, especially if we consider the DLCs. Thus, currently, the game hasn't even reached the level of it's predecessor. It's honestly a downgrade.

This game needs new features, new mechanics. Not some armours or minor tweaks. Honestly, I'd delay the release for 1 - 2 more years.


They'd better release it soon, so we could enjoy mods like "Kingdoms of Arda" or "In the Name of Jerusalem II"


They'd better release it soon, so we could enjoy mods like "Kingdoms of Arda" or "In the Name of Jerusalem II"
Mods will not improve an empty, lifeless, unfinished game. And that's what Bannerlord will be if it's released in it's current form. This game needs time.

Consider TW's controversy with putting brakes on modders, as well as TW's apparent desire to release DLCs in the future. Not good prospects for mods.


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Well you're getting whatever fixes and updates are ready to go. All of them need to be tested and have their own bugs sorted out to be moved to stable branch.
To be honest, i didn't wanted bannerlord to be Warband²... but now, i kinda want that..
I've played when it was on 1.6.2 iirc not much time ago, and while it did improve over the initial launch, it severely lacks a soul...
I think that 'soul' is the little things that warband has and Bannerlord doesn't..
The whole grind-fest part is absolutely true... there is nothing to do besides battle and battle and battle and battle and battle... and then I have a quick question NEVERMIND
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