Solveig is courting other NPC ladies

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So apparently after Solveig left my party many moons ago, she decided to become an adventurer... and start courting other ladies. :facepalm:

She then joined a faction, the Kingdom of Mumain, and beside the fact that she lost all her clothes, she is still courting, one interest of which is mine own as well :cry:
Note that while the pronouns used to describe her all for the most part feminine, at the bottom it doth say His love interests are...

Is this something wrong with my game in particular? I haven't seen any other posts of this sort on the forum...
Unfortunately, MB wasn't designed really for women companions becoming vassals. I suppose all the courtship stuff should have a check on hero being a male, but then she will always be single
Lord Doom said:
That must make Solveig one of the most unique NPC's in all of gaming...a pagan lesbian stalker that loves to kill people.
xD Thanks for making me choke on my food.  :grin: lol
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