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Hello, can somebody please tell me how to make certain blades/grips (crafting pieces) usable for onehanded with shield and twohanded?

i had it working with edited vanilla crafting parts before patch 1.7 but now all my bastard swords are only showing the 2handed tag in the inventory, not both the 2handed and 1handed tags they used to show before the patch.

i looked into the crafting_pieces.xml to see if i can work out what makes the swords that are categorized as 1 and 2 handed be categorized as such but i was not able to figure it out this time.

thank you very much for your help.

EDIT: never mind, i found it out.

you have to add the grip to the
<WeaponDescription id="OneHandedBastardSwordAlternative"
and the
<WeaponDescription id="OneHandedBastardSword"

sections of the weapon_descriptions.xml
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