Solution for "too many elements" in module_troops error.

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I am posting this here for future reference, in case anyone else needs this information.

I had encountered an error referring to there being "too many elements" in the module_troops file, and it appeared as such:

too many elements in module troops entity confederate_terrys_texas_ranger (16 parsed out of total 18: ('confederate_terrys_texas_ranger', "Confederate Terry's Texas Ranger", "Confederate Terry's Texas Rangers", 91227136, 0, 0, 22, 'list[len=40]', 365375409417796321281155824044914406823532168462L, 45080019730473000L, 71083625320323041188097085906592957928046866L, 223367422070348913053210080786033981183890910697691979509904059662336L, 424619318739387987147139518355461998429725102711373497685878251716608L, 0, 83, 0, 82, 0)

There were two other troop entries mentioned in the error report, but since they are the same error, there is no need to post them.

Thanks to Vetrogor, he was able to find out what the issue was. At first we suspected there was something wrong with the troop's entry, however upon further investigation, we learned that the troop entries were correct, but there was instead a mistake in the upgrade paths for the troops that were referred to in the error report. I hadn't realized that the troop already had it's upgrade paths set up, and had made a second one, and this caused the error to appear. There was also another erroneous upgrade path entry for a different troop that was mentioned in the error reports, and this upgrade path simply needed to be removed.

So if anyone else ever encounters an error that says there are "too many elements" in the module_troops file, check the troop entries that the error directs you to first and confirm they are all correct, and then check the upgrade paths for those troops.
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The last numbers of error message:
0, 83, 0, 82, 0
0 - is the string to the image that replaced troop 3D mesh in dialogs, usually 0
83 - first troop upgrade path. It's ID=83
0 - second troop upgrade path
82, 0 - also upgrade path that added by function "upgrade" or "upgrade2" when used second time.
Conclusion: if you see more than 3 numbers at the end than it is upgrade error.
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