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Resolved Soft locked in castle after peace treaty

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I broke into my castle to defend from a siege while fast-forwarding time, waiting for them to leave or break-in, a peace treaty came in with them and they left. However, the left-side actions panel (now with no options) and army v army overlay on the top of the screen (now empty) still existed. This prevented me from being able to leave the castle in any way. ESC didn't solve it and there are no hidden options on the panels. Reloading the save the first time emptied the top army v army layout, it was populated with the enemies and friendlies before. Love the game btw, fun as hell.


I've managed to reproduce something similar on 1.4.3.

Save: https://filebin.net/bis062xqg4s0p3x3

Steps to reproduce:
  1. When loading the save: character party is besieging enemy settlement of Western Empire
  2. While camp building is going on → Propose peace with WE → Vote YES to make peace happen
Army does not return to usual stance properly. When trying to interact with any city - nothing happens, no menu appears.
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