Resolved Soft lock after interacting with own party (save with reproduction steps)

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SAVE FILE: (sorry if this is a bad site)

I had an army going with 3 of my 4 parties, and was following the last one in order to manually add them to the army. Their move speed was slightly higher, so I was close behind, but not going to reach them. I decided to add the party to the army from the kingdom menu instead (I keep forgetting about the shortcut on the bottom right). After pressing done, an engagement with myself happened, and I couldn't do anything to get out.

I managed to recreate the bug after tinkering with it a bit. Here's some notable things about the setup:
  • Only happens in fast forward mode
  • Must add the party to the army through the kingdom menu (the menu opening possibly unloads stuff that the army shortcut button on the bottom right of the map screen doesn't)
  • It seems like both parties have to be moving
  • Player's army might need to have slower movement than engage target

To reproduce the bug from the save file, load it and then quickly press 3 then K (fast forward then open kingdom menu). If it "works", then a glitched encounter with Aesjim (my character) with weird camera angles should happen. If Eira gets too far away between the 3 and K presses, she will be encountered normally. I was able to do it a few times a row.

Side note: I also added a crafted javelin to my inventory in the save. It was made with harpoon head/none/pine shaft/none and sells for WAY too much.

Let me know if I need to post any more files.
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