[WODT] Warband One Day Tournaments

We will be hosting several small Warband tournaments that will be played between 7:30 PM EST and 10 PM EST on Saturdays. We aim to have enough teams to run multiple divisions so that all players can play against people of similar skill levels.

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[SODT] Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations


Tournament Format
§ 1 Scramble One Day Tournaments
§ 2 Schedule
§ 3 Maps and Factions

Match Format
§ 4 Match Format
§ 5 Tiebreaker Format
§ 6 Reporting Match Results
§ 7 Server Rules
§ 8 Server Settings
§ 9 Spectators
§ 10 Streamers

Roster Rules
§ 11 Team Rosters

Admin Privileges
§ 12 Admin Privileges

Cheating and Behaviour
§ 13 Cheating
§ 14 General Behaviour

Tournament Format

§ 1 Scramble One Day Tournaments
Scramble One Day Tournaments are tournaments where all players will sign up individually, and then get randomly assigned to a team. The player sign-up period will end on Thursday, the teams will be formed on Friday, and the tournament will be played on Saturday at 7 PM EST. Every player that shows up to play on time will be guaranteed to play at least one set per match.
  1. These tournaments will consist of either one or two single elimination brackets of 4 teams each, meaning that a minimum of 4 teams are required to play, and the tournaments will be capped at 8 teams.
  2. If we end up with enough players to make 8 teams, the teams will be randomly assigned to one of two brackets. Both brackets will be run simultaneously.

§ 2 Schedule
  1. The tournaments will be run on Saturdays.
  2. The tournaments will begin at 7 PM EST and should typically be over by 9 to 10 PM EST.
  3. Teams are expected to start their first match within 15 minutes of the predetermined tournament start time. Any team that fails to have the required amount of players ready to play after the 15 minutes are up will forfeit their first match.
  4. The second match is expected to start within 15 minutes after (1) both first round matches have been completed, and (2) one team captain has messaged the other saying that they are ready to play the second match.
  5. Teams are encouraged to start their matches as soon as possible so that the tournament can progress in a timely manner.

§ 3 Maps and Factions
  1. The maps and factions that will be played in the tournaments will be decided in advance.
  2. The sign up page for each tournament will include that tournament’s fixtures.
  3. Everyone will know exactly what they are signing up for.

Match Format

§ 4 Match Format
  1. These tournaments could be 6v6, 7v7, or 8v8 depending on how many people sign up and how large the teams can be made to be.
  2. The specific XvX format will be decided on Friday and will be posted alongside the randomized teams.
  3. Teams will be allowed to make player substitutions between rounds.
  4. In the case of a player crashing or getting disconnected mid-round, a substitute player may take his place the following round, but only after the affected player has clearly left the server. The opposing team will not be required to drop a player to match the disconnected player.
  5. Each match will consist of 2 maps, with 2 sets played on each map, resulting in 4 sets played in total for each match.
  6. Based on the bracket, the top team in each match-up will start as the top faction, which is the left faction on each fixture. The bottom team will always start as the bottom faction, which is the right faction on each fixture.
  7. After the first set on each map, teams will swap spawns and factions.
  8. Sets will be scored in a First To 3 rounds fashion. A set will be won by the team that wins 3 rounds first, with the set ending as soon as that happens. Matches will be won by the team that has accumulated the most round wins by the end of the 4th set.

§ 5 Tiebreaker Format
  1. If both teams have won the same amount of rounds by the end of the 4th set, a 3rd map with mirrored factions will be played.
  2. The tiebreaker will consist of only one set.
  3. The team captains will flip a coin through Steam (by inputting /flip), with the winner of the flip getting to choose which spawn to take.
  4. The first team to win 3 rounds wins the match.

§ 6 Reporting Match Results
  1. Hand picked team captains will be expected to take screenshots at the end of every set and post the results in the tournament thread immediately after their match is over. Team captains should do this before moving on to their next match.
  2. The captain from the winning team should post the results. The captain from the losing team should confirm the result.
  3. Team captains should post their results as soon as possible so that the admins can update the bracket as soon as possible.

§ 7 Server Rules
  1. Matches must be played on the official WODT servers.
  2. Each matchup in the bracket has an assigned server. Division A matches will always be played on servers 1 and 2, while Division B matches will always be played on servers 3 and 4.
  3. Division A Matchup 1 will be played on WODT_1 [OasisHosting]
  4. Division A Matchup 2 will be played on WODT_2 [OasisHosting]
  5. Division B Matchup 1 will be played on WODT_3 [OasisHosting]
  6. Division B Matchup 2 will be played on WODT_4 [OasisHosting]

§ 8 Server Settings
Combat Speed:Medium
Block Direction:Manual
Auto-Balance Limit:Off
Disallow Ranged Weapons:Off
Ranged Friendly Fire:On
Melee Friendly Fire:On
Damage to Friend:100%
Damage to Self:0%
Combat Bonus:100%
Round Bonus:100%
Respawn Time:8 seconds
Max Round Time:180 seconds
Map Time:120 minutes
Spectator Mode:Free
Flag Spawn:140 seconds

§ 9 Spectators
  1. Spectators from both teams are allowed by default.
  2. External spectators (i.e. players that do not belong to either team) can freely enter the server to spectate, but must leave the server if one of the captains asks you to leave. Captains have the right to kick you out of the server if you don’t listen.
  3. Tournament administrators do not need permission to spectate a game.

§ 10 Streamers
  1. Anyone is welcome to stream any matches they’d like, but should notify the participating teams about it first.
  2. Streamers should post their intention to stream an official match in the official stream thread with a link to their stream channel.

Roster Rules

§ 11 Team Rosters
  1. The rosters will be randomly generated by the admins on Friday.
  2. Admins will hand pick captains for each team, to handle all issues pertaining to the tournament for their team.
  3. Roster size will be dependent on how many people sign up.
  4. It’s possible that some players may need to be redistributed the day of the tournament in the case of one team having a disproportionately low player turnout.
  5. The captains will be in charge of making sure that each player in attendance gets to play at least 1 set per match.

Admin Privileges

§ 12 Admin Privileges
  1. Team captains will receive admin privileges to the WODT servers so that they may administer their own official matches.
  2. Abuse of these privileges will be met with severe punishment.
  3. Captains are not allowed to share the admin password with anyone.
  4. If anyone who isn’t a captain would like to receive admin privileges to the WODT servers, ask one of the head tournament admins for it directly.

Cheating and General Behavior

§ 13 Cheating
  1. It is prohibited to modify game files or implement modifications. Aimbots and autoblock are obviously not allowed. Any player that is found to have modified files or used any sort of game modifications will face disciplinary action at the administration's discretion. Cosmetic changes, such as changed fonts or crosshairs are allowed. You may ask a member of the administration if a particular change you have made to your game is allowed.
  2. It is prohibited to exploit glitches on maps. Glitches are defined as areas on a map which were not intended to be reached by the map maker. Do you need to phase through an object to reach where you want to go? It’s probably a glitch. Does the only way to reach your destination require a series of calculated jumps? It’s probably a glitch. Use common sense.
  3. It is prohibited to intentionally join and disrupt another team’s voice communications.
  4. It is prohibited to play someone who is not on your roster. Both the team and the player will be punished.
  5. It is prohibited to spawn in an extra player for the purpose of dropping extra gear.
  6. It is prohibited to impersonate a staff member.
  7. The admin team is not all-knowing and as such, if an instance comes up that does not necessarily fit any of the points shown above, we still reserve the right to deem it cheating and will take appropriate action.

§ 14 General Behavior
  1. Players are expected to be respectful of their fellow players and staff, both on the forums and in an official match.
  2. The rules are not all-encompassing; you are required to follow the letter of the rules and expected to follow the spirit of the rules. Do not act against your own better judgement.

If you have any questions regarding any of the rules, feel free to ask an admin for clarification.
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