SOD Warlords - Features List (11/16/2011) & Index of Voting Polls (12/14/2011)

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New Huge World Map Ponavosa
Twelve Totally Unique Factions
The Diplomacy Mod  3.32
New Desert Texture
Fight In Any Battle On Any Side
Much Tougher Economy Version 3.0
96 Different Towns
150+ Castles
300+ Villages
Deserters With Custom Dialogue
Patrols With Custom Dialogue
War Parties With Custom Dialogue
OVERHAULED Auto-Garrisons Version 3.0
A lot of Custom Dialogue
Recruit Peasants and Mercenaries from Taverns
Freelance Traders
More Firearms
More weapons with 2nd Functions
Improved "Laptop Friendly" Death Cam From SOD Gold
Lord's ask to be your Vassal
:twisted: SUPER OVERHAULED The Duel Mod  Version 4.0
Complete set of firearms Version 2.0
Re-Balanced Horses Version 3.0
Newer Crossbow. Version 3.0
New Bows Version 2.0
New Arrows & Scabbards Version 4.0
Script Fixes Version 3.0
Enhanced Diplomacy Integrated Auto Garrisons Version 3.0
Five Different Faiths Version 3.0
New Tournament Load Outs For New Factions Version 3.0
Convince Lords by Dueling them. Version 3.0
Fixed and Corrected Scene Variety. Version 3.88
Partial Multiplayer Support [Status = 25%]
Generated Weather System for MP Matches.
Full Quick Battle Support [Status = 75%]
Population Simulation
Level Up Your Lords
More Money Options (ex. Borrow Money)
More Leadership Skill Bonuses
Garrisoned Troops Train Without You!
Recruit Vassals from the Mainland to the New Land of Ponavosa Version 3.0
Population Health System Version 3.0
Population Faith System Version 3.0
Village Recruitment has been made tougher Version 3.0
Automatic Army System Version 3.0
More Buildings With Benefits Version 3.0
Better Faces & More Hairstyles
Only Nobles Lead Regiments
More Options to Choose From
Stronger Troops & Improved AI
Lord's Can Become Companions
Random Events
In-Battle Dueling
Surrendering Enemies

Upcoming Features

6.Over One Hundred New Balanced Weapons. [Status = 90%] Version 4.0
10.Changes to Native Lords. [Status = 10%] Version 4.0
12.Mercenary Factions (w/o SOD Gold Quests) Version 4.0
14.SOD Hero NPCs  [Status = 0%] Version 4.0
15. 16 New Hero NPCs  [Status = 50%] Version 4.0
17.Native Factions w/Nobles (Brought to you by MorrisB) [Status = 50%]
18.Native Factions w/Faith Troops (Brought to you by MorrisB) [Status = 0%]
21. Villages Named (Brought to you by Manekemaan) Version 2.2
23. Other Lords ask to serve you in your kingdom. Version 2.2
24. Melee set 1 (9 1H-Swords) Version 4.0
25. Melee set 2 (4 1H-Swords|4 1/2H-Swords|3 2H-Swords) Version 4.0
26. Melee set 3 (14 1H-Swords|2 1/2H-Swords|4 2H-Swords) Version 4.0
27. Melee set 4 (5 1H-Swords|1 1H-Axe|1 2H-Sword|1 1/2H-Blunt) Version 4.0
28. Melee set 5 (10 1H-Swords) Version 4.0
29. Melee set 6 (3 1H-Swords|1 1/2H-Sword|2 2H-Swords) Version 4.0
30. Melee set 7 (12 1H-Swords|1 1/2H-Sword|1 2H-Sword) Version 4.0
31. Melee set 8 (7 1H-Swords|1 1/2H-Sword|32H-Swords) Version 4.0
32. Melee set 9 (10 1H-Swords|1 2H-Swords) Version 4.0
34. Mercenaries with Quick Battle Troops
36. Quick Battle Support [Status = 100%] Version 4.0
37. New Quick Battle heroes  [Status = 40%] Version 4.0
40. Optimized/Alternate Map Version 3.0
50. Mercenary Contracts Version 4.0
51. Hire Freelance (Wandering) Mercenaries Version 4.0
52. AI Factions traveling with Mercenary Parties Version 4.0
53. Two types of death cams to use.  Version 4.0
54. Bump, Specular, and Shaders for Most Textures [Status = 10%]
55. 22 More Companions [Status = 75%] Version 4.0

Removed/(Not Porting) Features

1. The Bad Boy System <-Might be remade to be better...
[Reason: It was a pain in the A$$ back then; and it would be an even bigger one now... imagine everyone out to kill you]
2. The Strategic Map
[Reason: Map is too huge]
3. Regiments
[Update: They'll be back in on the 4.0 release as a noble/faith troop only ability]
4. The "Complicated" Law System from SOD Gold
[Reason: Pending... It's to be replaced with a system that grants benefits instead]
5. Full Implementation of Diplomacy 4.01+

Not-so-Secret Features

(Just to let you know, the text in this section relate with unlisted features in-game)

*You have a chance to hire lords as an companion if you free them from an enemy prison*
*Manhunters can join you if your known for good deeds*
*The amount & type of recruits everyone has depends on kingdom quality*
*Level of Nobles you have depend on Amount of kingdom serfdom*
*The new bows have different feels to them*
*Handcannons, though weak and inaccurate, do ranged blunt damage with a chance to knock down*
*The Lordless Ronin will become a well trained _____ when they have a master*
*Well known kings only duel with well known people*
*Dueling practice is an great way to make friends, and get attention*
*Beware the front end of the shock musket*
*You can use Medium to small arms on horses*
*You can block and swing with firearms*
*Pistola Pistoleers & Musketti Men...*
*That freelance merchant ripped me off... *
*I ripped that freelance merchant off...*
*Over 500,000!?*
*A Lordly Tunic???*
*Ha! Risk!? Who cares about risk???*
*Muzzle Flash anyone?*
*...all i need is a staff and some practice daggers to win this money!*
*...your Zealot's aura has changed into something, inhuman...*
*Its screaming women! Wait is that a battle cry!? Why is she laughing!?*
*To bicker is to lead*

Development Path
Diplomacy Mod-> Base Modifications (Sod Warlords Modifications) -> World Map -> SOD Troops ->
Sod 4.12 Modifications -> Sod Gold Modifications -> Factions -> Population -> Buildings ->
Random Events ->
Mercenaries -> New Troops & Weapons -> Multiplayer ->
Story Intro (Coming Out of Test Combatant Phase) -> Quests (Including Actual Story Based Invasion)​


SOD: Warlords Team
Computica (SOD Warlords - Mod Leader/Lead Coder/All-Around Design)
MorrisB (SOD Gold/Warlords - Lore/History/Story/Script Master)
Daedelus_McGee (SOD Warlords/Mod Organizer)
LibSpit (SOD Gold/Warlords - Creative Direction/Writer/Companions)
Manekemaan (SOD Gold/Warlords - Major Mod Supporter)

SOD: Gold Team
Vonmistont (SOD Gold - Original Mod Leader)
Mordachai (SOD Gold - Lead Programmer)
Cyclohexane (SOD Gold - Texture Artist, Scene Artist, 3D/2D Model Artist)
Kuba (SOD Gold - Programmer)
Twan (SOD Gold - Programmer)
Siofna (SOD Gold - 3D Modeller)

Voice Actors
Libspit (Voice for Antarian & Villianese Troops)
Sirbab (Voice for Aden Troops)
Master Ronin (Pending)

Waalx (Original Weapon Models & Textures)
Barf (Pistol Sword 3D Model)
Checkmaty (More Metal Sound Mod 2.2)
Rubik (Released Custom Commander Source Code)
Dunde (Enhanced Process Scripts)
Neil_v (Blood Tweak Tutorials)
zParsifal (Released Diplomacy + Source Code)
Jrider (Faction Relation Presentation Codes)
流水无心 (Inadvertent Flow[CHMB]) (M&B Tenka 2 Mod Leader| Samurai Base Models)
Caba`drin (Educational Help| Released useful Source Codes)
lucky lancer (Modified training scenes)
MadVader (Mouse Death Cam)

Beta Testers
Master Ronin

Special Thanks
Aliang227 (Educational Help)
Alex Dragon (Mod Supporter)
CryptoCactus (Educational Help)
Waihti (Uses Diplomacy as a base Thank you Waihti)
Elric_de_Melnibone (Mod Supporter)
Somebody (Educational Help)
CptJoker (Educational Help)
Cruger (Educational Help)
Duh (Mod Supporter)
Lumos (Educational Help)
Arys Dayne
BerTolkien (French Translation)
Evil Lemon (Mod Supporter)
LordSim (Extra Signatures)
ShrikeGFX (Extra Signature)
Jammen690 (Mod Supporter)
Notsure (Mod Supporter)
Zombo (Provided Solution to the
Vincenzo (Educational Help)
Specialist (Educational Help)
xenoargh (Educational Help|Crossbow Models Textures)
Vornne (Educational Help)



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I'm going to have topics of voting polls in the near future and this will be an index where you all can figure which topics you can vote on.
General Polls:
World Map Travel Speed... FIXED!
Multiplayer Code as OSP?
Should SOD: Warlords start using Warband Script Enhancer?

Weapon Polls:
What's Your Favorite Type Of Firearm To Use?
[Vote Results] Because of your votes new bows were added and a new arrow system has been implemented for 4.0; All firearms have been rebalanced with new reloading animations for muskets and unique firing sounds for pistols, carbines, and muskets. V4.0

Content Polls:
Do you like the New map for the SOD port to Warband?
What kind of "16" companions would you like?
How would you respond to a group of Looters?

Faction Oriented Polls:
Who has the Weakest Faction?
Swadia - Troop Improvements
Vaegirs - Troop Improvements
Khergit - Troop Improvements
Nords - Troop Improvements
Rhodoks - Troop Improvements
Sarranid - Troop Improvements

Game Play Polls:
Should a chance of permanent death for the player and AI lords occur?
[Vote Results] Because of your votes deaths will be optional. When lords die there will be new lords spawned in the game world keeping the game world balanced and stable. V4.0
How many arrows should an average Quiver hold? (Game Balance)
Randomize Multiplayer Bot Equipment?
Killing Off Population
Hard Mode (aka Good Campaign Difficulty), Too Hard or Just Right?

Remember that I am looking at the polls to make some of my decisions.
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