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The "Thanks" when you want to end conversation with the Jester (in item cheat) take you to battle scenario. Also when i click "i will lead", my it turn out to be the jester as my character.

Also with "J" for form rank, i can't use Ctrl+J to stop my horse because it will cause my troop to disengage and form rank.
Don't know if this has been addressed, but, upon taking a castle and establishing your kingdom, when you go to speak with the councilor about recruiting one of your homeland lords he tells you that you have to have enough fiefs for the lord you want to recruit. Understandable, but then for some reason, the game loses complete functionality. Left clicking doesn't exit the screen, nor does TAB or ESC. I had to shut down the game via ALT F4 as no other key combination seemed to function, ended up losing my game at that point to include the castle capture.


# BUG: when a castle has been fully upgraded, reports say that there are still 6 building projects.
What says it?  The castle, a report, the fief menu?

reports - available constructions

I defended some womans honour from my court and defeated the knight slandering her name (random event) and ended up with a screen that just said continue... forever. tried tab and esc, no use, had to close and restart M&B, lost quite some interesting battles that I won since last save

also mentioned earlier in a thread of mine: fighting 300+ nord footmen in a jotnar quest, even with battle sizer set to 175

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I had the problem with the 1 day until completion stuck bug ,  I am very disappointed that it was on the hard to reproduce bug list as it is very common to happen to me , tough , each time this bug happened , the lady(ies) of the enemy would stay at the conquered castle and reply with the normal dialogue when talked to .


Computica said:
SPsometimes said:
I am currently playing as the Ancient Empire of...anyway when I walk through my town and castle the guards are Vaegir  and when I go into the lords hall my guards are the proper Gothic Knights. Is it intentional to have the guards outside of the Lord's hall to be Vaegir?
I think that is something to do with the original towns faction actually being Vaegir and more as a over sight then a bug.
Is there a way to fix it? I have the same problem in my mod. When I conquer a city and change the culture to player faction, my custom troops should guard the streets and not the troops of the first owner.


Annoying bug in conversation after victory over centurio:
dlga_cpdla_nihilistic_1:cpdla_nihilistic_2 4095 76  0 I'm..._bleeding..._is_this_finally..._the_end..._?  229  0
dlga_cpdla_nihilistic_2:cpdla_nihilistic_3 69631 229  0 Yes._I_believe_it_is._Your_wound_is_deep,_and_you_lost_much_blood.  230  0
after this conversation nothing happens, game stays in conversation mode and says "Left click to continue..." but nothing will happen when you do.

Found the bug to be in the line following that conversation
dlga_cpdla_nihilistic_3:cpdla_nihilistic_4 4095 230  1 1 2 936748722493063605 144115188075855887 At_last,_I'll_see_the_other_side_of_existence...  231  0
and modified it to
dlga_cpdla_nihilistic_3:cpdla_nihilistic_4 4095 230  0 At_last,_I'll_see_the_other_side_of_existence...  231  0
thus removing the script references (or whatever that is no idea about scripting this game).
I figured that these scriptcalls were supposed to do something but no idea what and how, so removing them was the only option i had to continue playing. However the "dead" guys always keep reappearing, no matter how much i let them rott or how nicely i bury them 5 days later some they will be raiding villages again  :???:

So this is a temporary fix, but would be awesome if you guys could check it and provide an updated textfile .... :wink: please


Building a University will decrease the amount of badboy points lost per week by 1 instead of speeding it up. From your fourth university on you will effectively never loose your badboy rating again (weekly decrease <= 0) and it keeps building up constantly. So unless you defeated all native calradian factions before  the invasion (which will have a lot of calradian lords mad at you and joining the legions cause) you will be forced into even more wars after the legion arrives because there is going to be a lot of castles and cities going back and forth between you and the legion all the time, adding badboy rating to your side each time you recapture one of them.
Not sure it was meant to be like that, but it renders any attempt at diplomacy useless anyhow.


manekemaan said:
Has anyone found a fix to the field marshal sitting on his ass? (preferably savegame compatible)

On worldmap click camp-button, select Kingdom-Management and have the Marshall follow you around on your sieges. Alternatively launch a campaing from your castles marshall before, that should get the other lords joining your group once in a while.

Any other way than that wont work, best do not assign a Marshall and just set defense and offense objects only, with attack priorities.


when it will be fixed normally and I'm afraid that will fly from the Chancellor. long answer no I when you have the Lord in their country.

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sanek_2001 said:
when it will be fixed normally and I'm afraid that will fly from the Chancellor. long answer no I when you have the Lord in their country.

This mod is dead.
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