So.... Where are my siblings?

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You know, that was actually the first thing i thought would happen, when i played the tutorial and he told me he would take care of the bandit leader. I didnt know anything about the game, but my first thought was, that thsi piece of **** tat calls himself my brother would backstab me^^
What is wrong with me.....
hehe I thought the same too

Rolf Lutz

Maybe in the future your younger siblings can be used to forge alliances through marriage? One more thing that we only have a hint and is not implemented yet I guess...
The thing is....
There's no mention of any familiy more than your dead father and mother... and Your sole brother... Are you just lying about everything ? I mean you lie about being a noble, you don't give the spoils back to the people who were stolen... what more ?

Lil bro and ststa don't exist ? that would be flame
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