So they took Mexxico down

Do you want Mexxico to continue giving information instead of Callum?

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Instead of writing "instead of", maybe it should be worded "as well as".

I want everyone to give us more information :smile:
Taleworlds does not listen to us. Talewords failed. They don not read this forum anyway!!

I have, and have had since the original M&B, a lot of faith in TW as a studio. They make the kind of games that i like to play, and since I first came to these forums, have always been good at communicating and connecting with their base.

BL is a very ambitious project, and I see a huge amount of potential to be tapped. Keep at it fellas and ladies, you're doing great.
Yeah... that's 2.2% of their 90 strong workforce. Do you think that's an acceptable number?!

Those are rookie numbers! They need to bump up those developer replies! ?
Taleworlds must now become an online therapist provider, every doubt every fan has must be answered, we'll have callum as a sexy secretary
Mexxico went somewhere? I really enjoyed his explanations of the problems they were working on...
So they even hacked Mexxico account to fake his "vacation" message! Oh my lords the plot thickens!
just to play devils advocate here, I feel like its possible that the community manager has other things to do than posting on the forums. every time I visit callums profile he has recently been reading threads. Could he be gathering opinions, talking with dev teams and managing other community employees (like the forum moderators)? Maybe he is just too busy to be interacting on posts all of the time.

I agree I'd like to see more official communication, but we shouldn't be witch hunting without knowing the facts.
personally, I find that devs do a good job of communicating, it's hard to have to interact with a community (not very nice challenges) and develop a game. It's better to post interesting threads than to speak for tell the wind.
Remember some devblogs that we expected on Thursday and that the devblog didn't tell us about the games, and in the forum it was a surge of hatred and frustration, it doesn't make you want to communicate.
To read and answer all the questions, suggestion (sometimes irrelevant) will require crazy work, just to fill the ego of some players

But let's not forget the main story that deserves our full attention in this thread is: Will the legendary milf hunter Coomer succeed in his marriage quest with Rhagaea
I don't know who this "Mexxico" is but anything has to be better than this:

The game leans more on the action RPG side, with just elements of strategy sprinkled in here and there. The video in the OP is great, and I think that it is awesome that people are making these types of mods and that the game supports them, even at this early stage, but I think that something along those lines would be too complex to use as a player and draw the game out too much, ultimately detracting from the fast-paced action and gameplay.
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