So the update from months ago killed multi-player?

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Just for reference, I always hated people who said 'this game is dead!' when it had any playable servers at all during peak times. But as someone who plays Captains because captains is the only real breakthrough since Warband, this new update killed everything. At various peak times I've tried waiting an hour for a game -- nothing. Great update.


its a bummer you only play captain mode.

I used to play it to get easy loot. also skirmish.

but those modes aren't my fancy, I prefer TDM or Siege

The game is not dead, I just played yesterday in NA servers with 60+ players in TDM.


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The fact you think captain mode was the only breakthrough since warband says a lot about how i value your opinion.


Yes, the update that they have not fixed since 1.7.2 killed NA multiplayer and most players have now quit playing. It is known


Jup, i used to play captain every day for 2 hours at least. Now me and my friend cant even get into a game... Its pathethic, the patch ruined everything and TaleWorlds don't seem to care at all.
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