So the "get companion through missing daughter quest"is a def bug.

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Was just doing a test run to actually get a notion if it was a "hidden feature" so we could get some control and access to the most important companion governor types (spicevendor and swift), but what I actually found was a really messy result. Doesn't matter how you complete their quests, once you do you can go back to the exact village you've left them and the recruitment dialogue will pop up. The issue is that they won't work properly. Inventory access will be locked-off as if they weren't in your party, they won't show in the list for potential governors, they can't be called back to party, nothing. They can be useful, however, to inflate caravan zergs, and they'll work fine for that. Thing is they are a glitch of which may or may not corrupt saves overtime, because they are partially read as companions and partially as NPCs.
I'd advise anyone actively using this trick to avoid it at all costs, it's better to have mods that let you have some companion control than risking spaghetti coding loop-holes.

It's sad, however, because my whole perception of "wanderer RNG system's just another layer to force you to stare at loading screens and re-create the same character 300 times over" to be 100% true, idk who thought that was a good idea when you obviously have a plethora of virtually useless wanderers with very few over-specialized and much more efficient ones. For governors you have only 2 choices for any efficient companions, either you roll Swift / Spicevendor and just pump them into a relatively time consuming loop of leading caravan + leading parties for the fastest most useful trees for governors, or you take the low level ones (if you get them) and go through an excrutiantingly long grind to pump their skills to acceptable levels, leave it at that, or take 10 in-game years to actually get them to be as efficient as the other 2.

It is a problem, and more and more I'm coming to realize that wanderers are a waste of time investment to opt instead into the very OP choice of using Distinguished Service mod. I mean, at least I get to tailor the companion and skip a good portion of the non-sense indirect grind to leveling a toon which we have little to no control of.

The big offending part of all of this' that the game was tailored around the constant use of companions for way too many things, delegating tasks' crucial since Warband, in which we saddly couldn't without mods. I'm in awe that TW deliberately chose to cut us off any control over which companions we get by placing a hard RNG on which of them spawns, that's simply terrible design and the reason why I was curious to test the whole "missing daughter" thing, for I had a theory that maybe it was intended and that maybe we'd get other interesting interactions where we could pick and choose companions with some sort of control. I was wrong.


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Send her on a mission. After mission is over, she will become a standard companion.


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Every single time you post, it is like a time warp back to two years ago.
srry mate, I've been away for 2 years :fruity:
Even if I'm late, the bugs' still there, and it could be easily turned into a feature if you ask me. In fact, as I've said, quests to flush out missing nickname companions would be perfect. There are 3 main reasons for that, first is that if you want to build really efficient companions you must recruit the lowest level ones and they will take 8 to 10 years to even be useable as main governors / main party leaders / future vassals (no point on using these for anything else. The second would be vassals for culture or for personalities. The third's so we can fill in certain companion dependent roles even if temporarily like caravans and captains.
It feels specially scarce if you go Sandbox. In the campaign after a few years you'll at least have some kin to fill the shoes of governors and you'll probably use caravans or war parties to level them up.) It'll take ages for that, but ages is less than never

Also, my post's useful because there was no clear information anywhere to be found if that was a bug or a feature, or whatever


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Yeah next game I 'm installing one of the mods to make or add more wanderers. Sure, I can use whatever POS wanderers are around and bulldoze the AI anyways, but I WANT good companions and party leader sand to make them into GOOD vassals. I want to feel like they actually are cool and awesome. I've played with the junk wanderers for 2 years now, it's enough. I hope distinguished service is working then, sounds like a good system to promote a good troop into a wanderer and will allow me to have the wanderers of the culture I need for vassals at the time to occupy my fiefs in my faction.

As we get closer to the final version I home in on just using mods to overwrite everything I don't like.
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