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So long Bannerlord, Hello Battlefield

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Like most of us I think we've been waiting for a long time for this game to be more fun that what it is when it first released and like practically everyone here I am frustrated. But, now that Battlefield 2042 is coming out in 2 days I can confidently say I wont be touching this game for quite some time. Hardly any communication with the devs, lack of a coherent road map, lack of attention to the siege AI, and just a general lack of features that are missing from warband to this game..

Maybe ill see you all in a year when this game is hopefully where it should be, especially on the multiplayer side, because that **** is completely dead.
Good luck, honestly... you will need it. Seems like Battlefield 2042 will be an awfully designed cashgrab.
(Which reminds me of another game...)
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