Snowballing still a major problem in 1.4.3

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So I left the game running while I went out and roughly two in game years past, which really isn't a long amount of time. I'm using no mods and I've had absolutely no impact on the world whatsoever. Sturgia is still getting destroyed and faction leaders are still keeping most of the conquered settlements.



Similar for me, Sturgia still lose land really fast. The changes that devs did don’t seem to change their fate🥺


its all about Sturgia, they needed to buff them for decades ago but our nordic brothers still declare war upon galaxy and get themself destroyed


its all about Sturgia, they needed to buff them for decades ago but our nordic brothers still declare war upon galaxy and get themself destroyed
I feel it's more about the pacing too. Wars happen to often and it can be too easy to take a settlement. Wars should either be more slow and gruelling, with victories being more rewarding and defeats being more damaging as well as new land being harder to control (rebellion mechanic could change this when it's officially implemented).Or wars should just happen less often, having them only start with proper cause and a more calculated approach as opposed to "we haven't purged a few snow boys in a while". This however runs the risk of making the game boring as mid to late game, there is very little to do other than fight battles, so before this can happen there needs to be more gameplay options for the player.

Also think wars should cost more money, I think an idea for factions to have a treasury made up of taxes that can be altered as opposed to lords purely relying on heir own incomes. Wars should impact this treasury and if you're smart you can financially cripple another faction to defeat without even having to fight a battle. I know their are policies that sort of work like this by giving more to the ruler clan but it's very insignificant. Policies should also cost money to implement and there should be investment from the treasury towards them. I think polices all together need an overhaul to actually be effective, in a visual and cultural sense too, as opposed to just changing the percentages of a few things.


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Same here, snowballing is out of control in 1.4.3 and It is much worse than It was in 1.4.2. I think something has changed related to sieges timing and now the AI is able to take settlements extremely fast without making siege equipment (or just doing one ram). Defenders are not able to react fast enough and some factions get destroyed in some few days.

Plus the war/peace declaration needs tons of work. Sturgia and Northen Empire go to war against tons of enemies while Khuzaits and Vlandia fight 2 wars at the same time as much, despite having the best possible location in the map.

Snowballing is currently the biggest issue in the game IMO, I hope that TW find a way to fix it soon.


Yeah I basically hard uninstalled the game, deleted every mod file left over and then reinstalled just to advance time to see whether I want to commit to a campaign just yet. Safe to say that I'm reverting to 1.4.2. Snowballing has been the biggest problem for me since launch and its the only bug that's stopping me from actually committing to a game.


I've got same problem with Khuzaits... they just conquered whole Sturgia and destroyed north Empire for me, and Vlandians seem to take their moves too iam afraid. And also workshops and caravans don't make almost any money...


I confirm too that in just a few years (Aserai and Battania in my case) 2 factions will conquer pretty much everything, leaving little room for the player to make some strategy, besides trading, workshops and even more caravans are useless, so, in truth, no need for strategies at all, i could not afford them anyway. Actually, for me, 1.4.3 is unplayable, well, not funny, even tedious, to play at the very least.

Fun fact: Khuzaits got totally wiped out for the first time in 200 hours playing this game...oh and Sturgia? No joy...they died immediately as usual instead...poor fellows


Ultimately, the problem with Sturgia being underpowered is due to geography and autocalculation formula, which if I'm not mistaken still gives Cavalry units a flat bouns despite the recent overhaul of its code. Sturgia needs some settlement/geography re-adjustment, the faction bonus of movement speed bonus during snow needs to be severely buffed (just remove movement speed debuff during snow completely for Sturgia), and the Cavalry bonus during autocalculation needs to be removed completely.


Same thing happened to me. As soon as I stared joined Sturgia in 1.4.3 they were in war with each major faction except the aserai. The vlandians, battania, the southern empire, and the khuzaits were tipping them to shreds. Also the workshops give very little income to the point that I can’t support an army. Not sure if it’s the same in 1.4.2.
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