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Watly said:
Can't see how purposefully shoving any mistake you make under the rug is an acceptable way to run a tournament, but have fun.
I haven't made a mistake as of yet, but if you think I did, well then that's your opinion.

As for now, if someone has any question regarding this issue, please contact me through PMs or Steam, and don't spam this thread. Thanks alot. :smile:

Gibby Jr

Wub Wub Wub Wub Bwaaah said:
I've already talked with OGL about Svan his suspension, but I'd still like to see the "proof" of it. Since OGL Tallie was unable to show it, I'm hereby asking for it to the other admins. :smile:

For the record, I agree with the suspension if Svan Horace broke a rule, but I'd still want to see it with my own eyes (aka screens).
Maybe this new option to steam??



Sergeant Knight
Seeing as Svan's screens were made public, I feel it's only natural for us to ask that you make the screens of Horace's rule-breaking public also.
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