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Hello Warbladers,

It's been about two weeks now that the second edition of the Slavic Native League has ended. We all had the pleasure to play in and witness very exciting matches this season, especially in the knock-out stage. We had amazing newcomers, still strong old stagers and excellent teams performing barely below the top level entering this tournament to fight for the league title. And there's been loads of Surprising results!

In the following part I would like to congratulate the top 3 teams, thank the people and groups of people that helped running this tournament and have some closing thoughts, reflecting the first issue of this tournament.



In the first place we have Sarracens. After winning the first edition of the SNL, you guys came back eager to win the second edition aswell. After an exiting final against Polish Eagles, you've managed to win this season! You had the best run in the tournament, going unbeaten in both the KO-Stage and the Groupstage, having only lost an impressive 2 rounds in the groupstage. Congratulations on the victory! :smile:


In the second place we have Polish Eagles. Very impressive job, becoming second place! Looking at the opponents you had to fight against, you did very well to get to the finals, especially beating LNR who were one of the favourites to win the SNL2. Ending in the first spot in the groupstage after some thrillingly close, shows that you are proven to be title contenders, and it's a shame you lost in the finals! Good luck in the next season! Congratulations on the second place! :smile:


In the third place we have Luhansk People's Republic. You joined the league as one of the last teams, and immediately you were one of the favourites to become the winner of the tournament! Sadly you guys lost in the Semi Finals, but you won the bronze match convincingly. You have some of the strongest Russian players, and it was a pleasure to see you guys play in this tournament! Congratulations with the third place! :smile:


  • Grey_Warden: Eventhough it looks like this he didn't do anything, he surely did help me out in alot of situations! It's nice to have a friend and a decent administrator along side of me, thanks buddy! :smile:
  • MarkMods & SimRai: Thanks for providing French and German servers for us, without them the tournament wouldn't run as smoothly as it did now!
  • SotaMursu, Nexoner & Smiley: I'd like to say thanks to you guys for steaming/recording certain SNL2 matches! It's nice to see the community involving the SNL aswell! I'd also like to say thanks to the co-casters; bomba, Lt & yami_pirate.


I can't tell you whether there's going to be a Season 3 or not. Me personally am not interested in hosting a 3rd season as head admin, but I'd gladly help someone else out as a moderator! Also, if you also have a suggestion or questions, send me a message on Steam.

Thank you for reading and have a good day,

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