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As per the following rule:

[quote author=Rules & Regulations]
§ 4 Spectators
(3) Spectating the match by joining a team after the spawn period is not allowed at any given point. Is a player found spectating by joining a team, documented by footage for example, he will be suspended for one match.

§ 7 Team Rosters
(4) Each team is allowed to have only 4 non-Slavic people in their roster, and 2 playing at the same time. If this rule is broken, the player will receive a one match ban, will this rule be broken a second time, by the same team or player, harder consequences will follow.

Horace joined the same team (LNR), while Gibby and RD were playing. He also joined the team (LNR) to spectate one of his team mates. This means he has broken two rules. Horace has been suspended for one match.
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