Smithing "Recipes"

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I keep seeing reference to Smithing recipes. Is there a way to make and store a favorite combination of parts? THAT, I would call a recipe. I don't see any way to do it.

In fact, I will often make several of the same weapon in one session, then step aside and let a companion I am leveling in Smithing take over and make more of the same weapon. I HATE the default name of "crafted two-handed axe" or whatever; I always rename to include the character that crafted it and the weapon's difficulty level - that way I can see how the difficulty as compared to character's Smithing skill changes the value in the marketplace.

If I had an actual "recipe" for such weapon, I'd just select it and not have to comb through the parts lists to find the pieces I want. And I wouldn't have to rename every damn weapon!
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