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Had a look through the first 4 pages and searched for smithing, didn't look like my suggestions are mentioned.

1. Remove the original wood => charcoal recipe (1:1) from the list when you have the perk for the improved refining (1:3)

2. Ability to save weapon crafting recipes. I love the new orders system but clicking dozens of items in every category to find the right setup which you have made several times before does get old. Or even default to the proper items if you've already successfully crafted it before, you'll probably need more orders in that case but would keep it more entertaining. Or highlight the parts that worked in a previous crafting session. I could write them down myself but we should strive for a paperless society. Do it for the environment!

3. Pop-ups when hovering over items should inform you about special attributes. Right now, you can see that some of the sword guards give you hand armor although I'm sure many have missed that. I've never seen any mention of the wings on polearms making dismounting of the enemy more likely but apparently they do... Would be nice to see that in the pop-up or as an icon like we have for shield shatter, civilian, etc. I always wondered why I should bother with them besides aesthetics.

And I'll just mention one that did get a previous post: ability to refine and smith stacks instead of 1 at a time would be great.


You can remove the weak coal recipe even now, using the crafting mod. In the same place - x5, x all buttons for crafting. As for the special effects icons - I'm not sure, I met the editing of the description with text, at first it may be enough. There is a mod that shows the expected cost of crafting, handy :smile:
Orders are a relatively new phenomenon, but I have seen special craft, regardless of what details we have open, because we do not do it for ourselves. Logical change, in my opinion.
Or even more specific - a roll against difficulty, without crafting itself, plus a bonus for unlocking parts of the desired shooting range. Saves a lot of time on fitting parts.


I want to add another QoL needed!

Holding Ctrl or Shift should refine/smelt multiple items at once, so we don't have to spam click the crap out of our poor mice. Please!
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