Smithing items should be found in shops and caravans

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I think we should be able to find and buy smithing items such as steel, fine steel, thamaskene steel and charcoal in shops. This would both make smithing a bit less grindy and also a bit less profitable if we were selling ingots and charcoal. It should also be a commodity that caravans buy and sell in order to distribute to towns without any ironsmiths.

Ironsmith workshops, which have been suboptimal investments for a while, should be producing and selling a few of these types of items. @Flesson19 since you're the economy guy, do you think that this might make ironsmith workshops more viable? From what I remember watching your workshop videos, smithies haven't been good in quite a while.

@cuce I'm tagging you because you're the game economy dev and know more than anyone what the effects of my suggestion would do.
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