Smithing expansion

are any of these changes in line with what you think smithing should be like

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so as many of you know smithing is not what people expected it to be. Its not finished yet simple as that. I want to adres several features that should be added to make smithing more of an experience instead of a grind. Right now u need to press the smith or smelt button dozens of times so why not add the same feature this game has for buying/selling in bulk to smithing.

what i hope to see once this game is out of EA is that smithing is not anything like it is as of now here are several idea's i have in mind and would love to see what people think of these updates to smithing.

Be able to ''smith'' crossbows and bows , make it so every change u do to them changes the functionality of the weapon (for example the longer the crossbow in length the longer it takes to reload but more power to the bolt flying , same with bows)
Be able to ''smith'' bolts and arrows , be able to choose wich kind of feathers u want to use for your arrows what kind of point your using all effecting the strength and functuality of the arrow/bolt some might be better at short range some might be better at long range.

Be able to craft armor and change your existing one to your liking.
This one has been on the forums on several posts and i think this would give again options on how you like to play your character.

Why not add a perk to smithing wich gives u the opportunity to edit your troops loadout.
If this becomes a perk it should obviously be quite hard to obtain but it would be really cool to be able to adapt your troops armor.
I think this should work as followed troops who are tier 2 can only change into tier 2/3 armor tier 3 troops to tier 3/4 armor and so forth.
this can also be done with weapons obviously.

Again i would like to hear what anybody thinks about this and i hope its clear to everyone what i said here as english isnt my first language.