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Making a 2h axe with Heavy bardiche head:
-Leather wrapped two handed ash shaft is at tier 3 but better than oaken great axe shaft at tier 4. The 1st one gives 5 more reach and +2 handling.
-Long mahogany shaft with leather wrapping. the 2h use is way better than the pure 2h stats of oaken great axe shaft. both are at tier 4.
-Oaken great axe shaft is longer than Long mahogany shaft with leather wrapping (by the desc) but the lenght of the final weapon is shorter.
-Oaken great axe shaft is for pure 2h use but Long mahogany shaft with leather wrapping is better at 2h use even though it's for 1h/2h use. Both are at tier 4. I think this is a mistake. Any part for pure 2h use should be better than a part for mixed use.

Iron bill head is considered a mace head. It shouldn't.

Thamaskene steel leaf shaped spear head uses fine steel and not thamaskene steel.

The bolt item with bigger stack amount of 20 has the same name and price as the standard item.

Large heads like Heavy bardiche head and similar heavy axe and polearm heads should be only allowed as 2h weapons. When paired with 1h/2h handles they should overwrite the possibilities and allow only 2h use. They should prevent throwing and in some cases couching (couched voulge for example). In these cases the one handed, couchable etc. tag should be excluded from the appearing tags and from the final product.
It's not just about logic. Such weapons are awful so nobody would use them as one handed or throw them. So I would need to press a button to equip two handed which should be skipped.

Affected 2h axe heads:
-Heavy bardiche head
-bardiche head
-bill head

Affected polearm heads:
-bill head
-war scythe
-scythe blade
-fork head
-iron fork
-wooden spear (which is a rake head actually)
-long glaive head
-bent razor head
-fine steel hewing spear head
-thin fine steel hewing spear head
-glaive head
-rake head (which is a wooden fork not a rake)
-shovel head
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