Smithing bug?

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Has anyone else seen a case where an item is listed as unlocked but doesn't show up? In my last game I began smithing by making two basic 2H starting swords. After the second one, an unlock notice flashed up for an iron spatha blade but no dot on the blade icon. I looked at the 2H free box and the number of components increased from 4 to 5 but no extra blade appeared in the smithing window. Same for 1H which uses that blade. What's going on here? I think I have seen this before but didn't check in time to be sure. This would explain why I seem to be getting so few unlocks. BTW: 1.6, no mods, new game.

Hmm...Looks like they made some changes to unlocks in 1.61. I'll try again.

OK, looks like this is a known bug listed as Unlocking item listed as hidden.
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