Smithies should be able to repair damaged items

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So many damaged weapons and armor , we should be able to repair them. Give an item to a smithy to repair for a cost.

And smithies should be able to enhance an item.

.. just like in WB.

Please make it happen


Shortcut to "the perfect gear" if you ask me. And I guess it´s a harder task to upgrade a broken gear-part than creating it in the first place(Which he won't do, just look at what they offers! I´m fine with that, why bring lordly stuff to the common market?). IE that nice T6 sword you just looted a Rusty version of, to make a shiny noble version is not viable by pumping in a few hundred thousands of denars.. :smile:
Arwen said it best " .. from the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadow shall spring, renewed the blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king ..." Looks at dadda "... reforge the sword ...."

I'm not really into smithing, repairing what is currently available will do me. Plus, I find it difficult to smith. :grin:

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smithing should be used for:
- maintenance of personal equipment (repair)
- army equipment maintenance (repair)
- improvement of the quality of the loot (always repair)
- craft
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