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Smaller parties should not be visible when standing still in covered areas

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I don't know if this has been suggested before but I while give it a shot anyway.

It's quite simple: make smaller parties (both player's and AI parties) not visible on the world map when standing still in covered ares (i.e forests, mountainous terrain etc.). As it is right now, a party of 10 can be spotted by a larger group from a mile away, even if your are standing still in say a forested region. Something rather immersive-breaking and not very fun imo – leading to you taking weird routes while being chased. This would also encourage both the player and the AI to stick to the main roads where they have a clear view of who is coming + potential speed bonuses (?).

Many people throughout the years have wanted an ambush mechanic implemented into the game, this could potentially be a way to make that happen. Just imagine you are trodding along a path in what seems to be a safe area when all of a sudden a party that has been hiding in the nearby woods starts coming for you.

I personally feel it would keep me on the edge of my seat while moving throughout the world and make me think more carefully about which paths I take, naturally more so in the beginning stages of the game when you are at your weakest.
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