Small text tweak for reinforcement waves.

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tl;dr: just jump to the bold part for the code. This mod increases reinforcement waves, very easy to do.

Hi there, I'm not a man to stick around in forums, so I only read most around here but never posted.
The reason I did this is because my processor is really crappy (pentium IV if you ask) and it really sucks that I can't turn the battlesizer to more than 140 with all the difficulty up, so I must use AI around medium and battlesizer around 100 so it doesn't crash so often, the only problem I have really is with the nords which probably eat the most out of my computer with their helmets and such...

HOWEVER... I love big battles, and honestly only 2 waves REALLY SUCKS on open fields, with the battlesizer down I can't really enjoy those big infantry clashes for more than 5 minutes before all those guys are screaming "VICTOREEEEEEEEEEEEH" or their hordes come after me.
I did nothing more than use logic thanks to MageLord's text tweaks, NICK.ALTMAN and MageLord deserve all the credit.

This small tweak makes much more fun and "immersive" battles since they are bigger, and with the battlesizer tuned up it must be amazing, it actually makes it easier in some situations and much harder on others, it all depends on your level and number of troops.
I don't use the Overpopulation add-on, so I don't know if it already increases reinforcement waves, if it does, good, if it doesn't, I think it would be much better fighting those monstrous battles with 20 reinforcement waves.

I love L&R, it's the only mod that made me play more than Native, so I'm tweaking it for my enjoyiment. I hope Nick doesn't get mad with this. And I'm very sorry if anyone did this before, I didn't have the time to read every topic and post here, and when I searched there was virtually nothing about it, if anyone did, just lock this and forgive me.

It SHOULD be savegame compatible, I tested and was able to play a whole 400x400 battle, or at least most of it since I died around the tenth wave, on a save, so I think it works alright.


Simply open the mission_templates.txt in \Mount&Blade\Modules\Lords and Realms 1.505 (do not forget to make a backup copy of it)

All you have to do is search for 2147483678 2 144115188075856136 for the defenders and 2147483678 2 144115188075856137 for the attackers;
There should be 4 instances of each "Lead charge, village raid, castle with belfry, and castle with ladder" in this order according to MageLord, I'm not sure if it is any different in L&R, if it is, sorry, I don't have the time to test each one.

Then simply change the number following the 2147483678 2 144115188075856136 (or 7) to whatever you want, these numbers are the reinforcement waves, so bigger numbers mean more reinforcement waves, by default the first two instances are 2 and the other two are 7 for the defenders (two 7 for the defenders), and 5 for the attackers code ( two 5 for the attackers)
e.g.: [...] 2147483678 2 144115188075856137 12 [...]

I put it all on 12, so I think it will be alright, but you could change it to 20 or more, but be careful, if your computer isn't that powerful and you use unlimited bodies it could crash.

BEWARE, IF YOU CHANGE THE WRONG NUMBER IT COULD CRASH THE GAME (probably in the first loading screen)

I hope I was clear enough. Any crashing just tell me and I will report back.

And remember, you won't rest for all those waves, so you will have to endure a lot more. With this the battle changes the hotspots on the map, so you end up having "much different" battles (it's still a bunch of guys killing each other head-on, but still, the tide changes during the battle, lots of fun). Hope you enjoy it.


nice idea and explanation  :grin:

I too will like more waves, even playing with the 140 battlesize ..
Will test it soon. Thx!


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i think he copy pasted from mage lord. 82 tweaks.  :mrgreen: he was way ahead of him.  :twisted:,46290.msg1230011.html#msg1230011



Wow, thanks a lot!

Actually some of the numbers are different in L&R, so it's not the same as MageLord's, but he's the one to credit anyway, I merely followed in his steps.

Nevertheless, It feels great to fight those endless hordes...
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