Sling shots.

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Sling shots should be added.
1. they should replace the basic stones thrown by looters in that they still throw stones but are shown winding up a sling to toss it.
2. the slingshot should be available for players.
* they work like thrown weapons not bows, no space needed for a launcher to cast them as a sling is quite simple, and have between 5 and 15 bolts depending on crafting level
* a majority of bolts are blunt damage
* they're the slowest thrown weapon but possess high damage, double or triple damage on objects
* longest range due to being the only thrown weapon that uses launcher
* slingshots use the same metal tier evolution as swords with higher end metals being lighter and thusly increasing ammo count and range
* several cultures are capable of producing specialized shot battanians use Ga (Kern Darts) which are javelin length arrows with greater range, Imperials produce plumbata a hand length arrow with good armor penetration.
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