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I am once again playing Skyrim and I have an idea for a mod. Most of it I can do in the SSEEdit tool, but it would be pretty cool if I could a sort of crafting mechanism that doesn't utilize any of the default skills and crating stations. Instead it would function similarly (identically) to the Atronach Forge or the Dwemer Convectors in the vanilla game o the way Alchemist's Crucible in the CACO mod, if you are familiar with it, i.e.:

you're not really crafting in the technical sense, instead a container/chest is opened and you put stuff in it. Then you exit the container/chest and a sort of script, I assume, runs and then the new item is either directly added to your inventory or you open the container/chest again and there it is for the taking.

If it could also do simple probabilities, like say 10% of the time nothing happens, or it gives you something else, that would be swell too, but it is not necessary.

How would I go about this? This doesn't seem to be doable in SSEEDit, so what else would I need and is it even a realistic ambition for someone with basically no coding skills or experience. It doesn't so hard, but what do I know.
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