Battle Skolder Hideout

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Annoying invisible walls around B point of this map
What I mean are not the invisible trees in the bushes .There are stones and broken wall around the B point of the Skolder Hidout .Some stones and broken wall look very low but neither cav and inf can jump through it ,I have seen many cav players tried to jump through it and failed and got killed.Also,as a archer,I can't jump onto the broken wall towards the highest place near the main gate for better vision.This would kill many tactics(like spears and bows defend on the broken wall and rocks, which we had done in GK NA battle before) and fun of battle mode.They are not glitches.I am pretty sure that there is no need to set invisible walls there.
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Really cool map for battle which feels good for all roles (inf, car, arch) imo, but the biggest problems are invisible walls, invisible trees or rocks around the map that make it especially frustrating for cav and the cave next to one of the points is too dark inside.
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