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Making a poll here:

Countless times I've had teammates leave after losing 1 or 2 rounds making it nearly impossible for my team to secure a victory. Is there a way to implement a punishment system for leaving games? Or at least give a larger gold cap or even a gold bonus to a team that is disadvantaged by missing players?


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There is already a system in place, to give the smaller team advantages (like more lives in skirmish and more troops in captain mode). However, there should definitely be a punishment for leaving, because more real players will allways be a slight advantage. It would be enough, to just count it as loosing the game.


This is in our plans.

I hope that when a punishment system is implemented it will happen with some basic matchmaking system based on some data. Currently it happens that you are being assigned to a team with some guys, who doesn't know what to do and you face enemy consisting from guys with 50/100 /250 wins badges.

You can believe that this is not best multiplayer experience you can have and standard "git gud" tactic will not work in such case.



I am for if the system makes the difference between a voluntary disconnection and a crash.
On certain games the anti disconnection system does not make this difference and it already happens to crash and to be punished as if I had disconnected voluntarily.


But then you need to balance the rounds, as 2 premades i dont want to play against 6 clanmates with 100 wins each, in that case i quit and getting a punishment is just unfair


I think you should have 2 skirmish gameplay, one being competitive and the other one being casual,probably what you were planning on anyway but I don't want to see competitive aspects in every features the multiplayer game has to offer, and I don't think I'm the only one

Yes people leaving is a problem, but I dont want to be forced to have my ass wrecked everytime I solo queue and we face a 6 man premade, at least if I play in a casual skirmish

Otherwise I totaly think a punishment is needed if a competitive mod was to release


There should not be a penalty until there are custom servers. There is no "casual" game mode unless you want to play Khuzaits for the 9000th time in a 100man cluster that will end up crashing 2minutes in anyway.
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