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In Progress Skirmish Client Will Crash after More Than 6 Players on One Side Immediately

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Summary: Skirmish Client Will Crash after More Than 6 Players on One Side Immediately.

How to Reproduce: Make one side have 7 players, all players on a side with more than 7 will crash.

"[Custom Server] Fixed a server crash that occurred when more than 6 players joined a team during a skirmish match." I need to point out that 1.1.2 does not fix this bug, you only fixed one overbound array issue, and my guess is that there may be two or more.

Media (Screenshots & Video):
We got a fix for this but not really sure it is working as it is not finished testing as of today. The team is still working on this.
This is obviously a VoiceChatHandler crash, hopefully you can fix it so I can use it in another Multiplayer Mode (though you don't want to use it in anything but Skirmish mode)
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