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Hello veterans and recruits!

Is very annoying and not fun to play with and against variety of different skill leveled players - Skirmish or Captain. I'm not talking about premade or clan teams or the skill difference which influence in positive way your play and leads to learning new things and to be better the next matches and thus increasing your overall skill.

I'm talking for the russian roullete of distributing various skilled players and about the huuuge gap that exist in player skills and abilities in the community. Can't expect good gameplay and experience with teams made of 3 players with 10 hours played, 3 with 100 h, 3 with 500 h and 3 with 1000 h. This game modes are not death-match-360°-spam-apocalypse.

(And yes hours played is not a objective measurement, neither number of wins, because we all know some guy with 750 wins badge that is playing like crap. Just hanging around in premades or clan teams spamming attacks or chrage units doesn't mean obligatory a high skill.)

So making something like devisons or leauges to distribute players more evenly in skill is necessary. C'mon it is more than a year and most of us are playing, despite the "bad things" for long time. I think the player base is enough to create at least 2 devisions for Skirmish and Captain. If there is not enough players to match, the higher ranked from the second league will be matched with the lower ranked in the first one and etc.

Because it's not fun and satisfying to wreck and easy win against less experienced players or teams. I rather enjoy interesting games - it doesn't matter if I win or lose, when in the end with clear concious I can write in chat - gg! Will have the feeling that my team managed to win a hard fight and this win means something. Or to lose after a hard battle, with the feeling that we done everything we can and probably need more training and learn something new. To be better, to achieve something, to have a goal to play, to get higher in ranks and skill and not to play only for the stupid badge with 100k wins motha****a!

It's not fun to be of the other side either - losing because some guy lead their squad in shield wall formation across the whole battlefield, charging brainlessly or thinking he is glorious knight but having low K-D ratio (5-18 ) after two rounds in Captain or is somekind of Robin-Skirmish-Hood and not contributing to the team at all.

(The KD ratio like the hours played it's not that important I'm just using it to illustrate something obvious. It happens to die in Skirmish or lose your whole squad in Captain having a low KD but meanwhile contributing to the team and be victorious in the field of valor.)

It's not fun because the gap between is so huge that is defying losing and winnig more than different factions, perks etc.!!!

And this leads to other various MP problems like - "noobs" can't learn a s**t and only receive so called toxic behavior or language. This is not good for the community (recruits or veterans), for the MP modes and for the development of the game. Every good MP game has some kind of ranking system! Ranked games will increase the game experience, replayability, enjoinment and fun for everyone.

So I'm suggesting to implement those. Don't know if this is possible, don't know how, don't know how hard it may be, don't know what will define your place in the ranks like hours, wins, levels, KDA. And yes if we check this thread the work on MP doesn't seem veeery fast?

And last - PLEASE make somekind of MP tutorial for Captain Mode, some training rounds with bots only or advisor like in Total War games.

Sorry for the mistakes in the text I'm not native speaker. Best wishes, may your enemies respect you!



what feaspear said, the community is too small to the point that the only skirmish games i even play nowadays are organized ones because solo queuing isnt worth my time
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