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Download link on Mount&Blade Nexus:
Source Code is included!

I overhaul the skill system of Mount&Blade. Create a new attribute: Vitality instead of Charisma. Now 3/4 of attributes are realted to combat, they're Strength, Agility, Vitality. Only one attribute: Intelligence is realted to strategy.

Vitality: Every point reduces damage suffered by 0.5%. The following skills can not be developed beyond 1/3 of Vitality: Ironflesh, Athletics, Looting, Inventory Management.

Modifyed skills which base on Vitality :
Ironflesh: "Each point to this skill increases hit points by +2, and reduces damage suffered by 4%%. (Personal skill)  Max level: 15".
Athletics: "Improves your running speed greatly (by 5%% per skill level). (Personal skill)  Max level: 15"
Strength: Every point adds +1 to hit points. The following skills can not be developed beyond 1/3 of Strength: Power One Handed, Power Two Handed, Power Polearm, Power-throw, Power-draw.

Get rid of Power Strike, divided it into 3 new skills:
Power One Handed: "Each point to this skill increases one handed weapon damage by 10%%. (Personal skill)  Max level: 15"
Power Two Handed: "Each point to this skill increases two handed weapon damage by 8%%. (Personal skill)  Max level: 15"
Power Polearm: "Each point to this skill increases polearm damage by 12%%. (Personal skill)  Max level: 15"
Agility: Each point gives five weapon points and slightly increases movement speed. The following skills can not be developed beyond 1/3 of Agility: Precise Shot, Weapon-master, Shield, Riding, Horse archery.

New skill:
Precise Shot: "Each point to this skill increases ranged damage (excludes throwing weapons) by 8%%. (Personal skill)  Max level: 15"
Intelligence: Every point to intelligence immediately gives one extra skill point. The following skills can not be developed beyond 1/3 of Intelligence: Trainer, Tactics, Tracking, Spotting, Wound treatment, Surgery, First-aid, Engineer, Speechcraft, Leadership.

Get rid of the original trainer skill, and create a new trainer skill:
Trainer: "Every day, each hero with this skill adds some experience to every other member of the party whose level is lower than his/hers. Experience gained goes as: {0,4,10,16,23,30,38,46,55,65,75,87,100,115,131,150}. The effective skill level is not more than the difference on troop level between this hero and other member. (Personal skill)  Max level: 15"

Combine Spotting with Path-finding:
Spotting: "Each point to this skill increases party seeing range by 10%% and increases party map speed by 5%%. (Party skill)  Max level: 15"

Combine Leadership with Prisoner Management:
Leadership: "Every point increases maximum number of troops you can command by 10 and increases maximum number of prisoners by 10, increases your party morale and reduces troop wages by 5%%. (Leader skill)  Max level: 15"
Leadership now is base on Intelligence instead of Charisma.

New skill: Speechcraft is combined from Trade and Persuasion.
Speechcraft: "This skill helps you make other people accept your point of view. It also lowers the minimum level of relationship needed to get NPCs to do what you want. And every level of this skill reduces your trade penalty by 5%%. (Party skill)  Max level: 10"
Now all weapon proficiencies have a related skill of them:
Every 100 proficiency points give a skill bonus to the related skill by 1 point.

Proficiencies                              Skills
One Handed Weapons      --    Power One Handed
Two Handed Weapons      --    Power Two Handed
Polearms                            --    Power Polearm
Archery                              --    Power Draw
Crossbows                        --    Precise Shot
Throwing                            --    Power Throw

Other features and tweaks:
All troops' attributes and skills are modifyed with new attribute: Vitality and new skills.
The new attribute and new skills are take effect in both single mode and multiplay mode.
Merge the Perfect Troop Tree Presentation which by myself. It's in Reports menu.
Report damage to the player's shield and damage delivered to other's shield by the player.
Many bugfix of Native.



Crossbow Pig

Master Knight
Really good work man.

Edit- I have added everything related to "#skill overhaul" to my module but is saying that ca_vitality is not defined,where do i define it then?



This is a really cool idea, I like a lot of the tweaks made to skills. Particularly splitting power strike into three skills, it was a little too good as it was in Native, I feel. I also really like the idea of merging persuasion and trade -- persuasion was a really garbage skill on its own, and it makes sense that proficiency in one would be directly related to skill the other.

I hope I see this implemented in some upcoming mods! The rebalancing of skills should make things quite interesting. :grin:
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