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The Brave SK Rangers

Hello and we are the SK. We are a regiment that does many different events in Mount and Blade Warband. We have Napoleonic wars events every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays (see below for the event time table) and we are in a brigade with the 4th KR. We also have a PW (Persistent world) section that runs Monday to Friday. We have 23 members at the moment but more are still coming and whenever we are in events we usually have around 70 men on our side because of our brigade. If you are looking for a community regiment that is reasonably relaxed and a good community that holds regular Napoleonic and Native events then we are the regiment that you are looking for.

NOTE: If you would like more information about our PW section please visit ''Mount&Blade: Warband » The Guildhall - Warband Discussion » The Clan Hall - Multiplayer clans'' on this site and you will find our page named: ''Starks Knights Persistent World Clan'' at the top of the list.

Ranking Structure

We have two different forms of ranking for our PW section and our Napoleonic wars section. If you wish to see the PW ranking please visit my PW forum. For our Napoleonic wars our ranking is very simple because we only have enough men to form one line but we will always have the support of the 4th KR.

Napoleonic wars ranking

Major- (Me)- Commands the troops.
Sgt- You help the officer command the troops.
Cpl- You have been picked out for your fighting skills.
Pvt- The normal regimental rank.
Cdt- If you are new to the game you start off as a Cdt.

Event time table

Monday-Thursday: all day PW

Friday: 8pm GMT 12pm PST, 2pm CST PW group battles and tax collecting

Saturday: 7pm GMT, 11am PST, 1pm CST Napoleonic Wars Event Line battle/Siege

Sunday: 7pm GMT, 11am PST, 1pm CST Napoleonic Wars Event Line battle/Siege

The history of the SK (Starks Knights)

The Starks Knights were first founded in the year 1100. King Henry 1 was getting worried that his enemies were gaining in power. He did not feel that he could trust any of his men to fight and die for him if the time came that he needed to be defended. He searched for years in vain for a company that had set themselves apart from all others, a company that he knew would fight for him until the very end. After a while he grew restless and started asking his friends and allies for suggestions. One of his Lords suggested that Henry could create a new company and ask every other company to send their best man to join this elite group. Henry was very taken to the idea and did what his Lord had said. He asked the Lord if he knew anyone worthy of commanding the company. The Lord thought for a while and then told the King of a Duchess by the name of Stark. The Lord said that the Duchess was the finest commander on the earth and said that the Duchess lived in a faraway country of Silensia. The King hastened to find the Duchess and after many years of searching finally located the legendary commander. After that King Henry’s company won every battle that they fought and were beginning to be known as the Starks Knights after the commander. The King was very pleased with the company and told the Lord that had come up with the idea that he would be welcome to join the company and help the Duchess command the troops. The Lord was delighted. He was later known as Sir Major Lord and helped the Duchess win every battle. In 1800 the Starks Knights are still fighting but are now known as the SK (Starks Knights). For this elite company the war will never be over until their enemies are vanquished and peace restored to the land. The fight continues.

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