NW Completed SK Rangers Friday Line Battle Event

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The SK Rangers hold a Friday Line Battle event every Friday at 8pm GMT, 12pm PST and 2pm CST. Any regiment is welcome to join the event. The regiments commander must come onto our Teamspeak (See below for IP) 15 minutes before the event starts.

. Line infantry cannot shoot out of line or while in melee
. Light infantry are allowed 2 man spacings
. All players must listen to admins and officers (if they do not then they will be banned from the server)
. No Rambo
. Lines must have at least 4 members

Sign Up

To sign up please copy the information below and paste and edit it in the comments and send it to me or you can add me on team: SK_Major_Lord

Regiment Name:
Commanders Steam Name/URL:
Amount Attending:
Preferred Nation:
Have you read and accepted the rules?:

Thank you very much for taking part!

TEAMSPEAK IP: ts.lennington.co.uk
You will see our section at the bottom! 


Regiment Name: No regiment :sad: but willing to join any regiment
Commanders Steam Name/URL: My steam name is CJ01
Amount Attending: Just me :sad: I am lonely
Preferred Nation: The UK
Have you read and accepted the rules?: YES

P.S I will march to the claws of defeat for you babe.
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