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Singleplayer/Multiplayer suggestions & critique

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Don't need much improvement

Graphics - Graphics are vastly improved in this game, I think they look great. The animations are pretty natural looking most of the time in oppose to Warband. Only critique I would have about the graphics is that a lot of the NPCs are bog-eyed nightmare creatures. The blood splatters were also a great edition to the graphics.

Campaign Map - Feels way bigger but keeping it somewhat the same, I feel like they could label the lords a bit better and maybe lengthen their names. Seems a bit weird to just have a first name for a lord showing on a party. Maybe include their titles/last name?

UI - The new UI is great overall, it's nice and crisp and really brings the Mount & Blade series into the 2000s. The only thing I don't like is the multiplayer chat box but maybe I just have to get used to it. It seems harder to read or doesn't draw my attention or something.

Need much more improvement

Optimisation - The optimisation right now is very, very poor. My PC is average but meets required specs and i'm stuttering like hell, even after turning the graphics very far down. It's not just me either, people with brand new NASA supercomputers seem to be suffering from it too. It's a very major problem for the single player campaign mode.

Matchmaking lobby - No one wants to rejoin games constantly as soon as they end. The Warband multiplayer server system was fine, everybody loved it.

Multiplayer class system - I feel like this is a big one, some of the soul of what made Warband great was the freedom it had. What's the point of customising your character appearance if you can't see them under layers of unwanted stuff? It's impossible to pick out specific people you're playing against - which you could easily do in Warband which made it more fun and competitive. Let people choose which armour and weapons they use!

Multiplayer Death - I feel like people die far too easily, duels just aren't that fun anymore as they're over too fast. I feel like the armour does little to defend against blows. Fully armoured dudes dying in 2 to 3 hits. It's either the combat speed, the damage or the armour stats that need tweaking but it really feels you're made of glass in multiplayer.

Custom banners - It's very difficult to tell individuals you're playing with apart from each other, especially since the introduction of the class system. We could do with a choice of custom banners above peoples heads at the minimum.

Game has huge potential and I hope the devs can look at my suggestions. Thanks. :xf-smile:
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