Single player need more thing to do.

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I think there needs to be more options like spying / hire Assassins / spreading positive or negative rumours/ criminal activities / religion/ faction votes for executions of enemies . when at war its fun ( this can get annoying through ) but when your not you can trade but eventually you don't need to then the quest but once you get your relationship high you don't need to. That's why the above options with be something you will be doing from start to end . Could be done through towns add a guild option and guild master to talk to. For assassins ask a criminal boss in town. add religious building ( make up religions as not to upset the upsettable ) In religious buildings give donations to get a faction wide small relationship boost or something like that or even get a special troop. Spy guild or guild master to help or lower yourself our and clans relationship start war with a clan or get them kicked from a faction. these option npc's can use depending of traits. last thought on battle could be an option to challege to a duel in stead of a battle depending on trait there's a chance to refuse or accept.
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