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Hello I mainly play Multiplayer so my opinions and wants may not be good. These additions are things I want in PC version but also highly in Console version due to no mods.
Each of these additions can be optional and not required to play the game.

So I enjoy single player, how ever there are a few things/options in the game are that missing.
1: My first one is hosting a feast. I loved how on Warband you could host a feast and bring lords you were not at war with to your castle. It really gave an immersive experience and a way to communicate with the Lords. That mechanic was also realistic I feel and I was really hoping it would be added into Bannerlord. Sure I know some people would just use it to farm lords, but I look at it as a single player game and therefor we should be able to have the option to host a feast. The way SP is played does not effect anyone, because you don't have to host a feast. It may be useless to some people but I always thought it really gave off a immersive vibe and diplomacy. Yes of course one of the main usage of this is mechanic would be to hopefully recruit a lord, or even have the option to duel a lord.

2: Camping - I always was a big fan of the camping mechanic and how could you interact and fight your own guys in the training pen. Another just cool mechanic and more flavor to the game. There was a mod I would use that would allow the option to build a mobile wood defense while camping and it was a cool way to defend if you were ambushed, mainly because I feel like I have never gotten to defend much in the single player. It just mostly always feels like I have to attack, unless its a battle terrain and I am outnumbered then the AI I would say would be on offense, but actual siege defense I feel I hardly get to do. Having a mobile little wood defense is something different to the game. I also really liked it when you are waiting on a lord to come out of their castle, you could camp a distance away. I also think the camp system would be a good way to interact with inventory items and really testing your weapons and gear.

3: Control One Of Your Allies After Death - So this is a mod I currently use for my Bannerlord, but I really thing there should be option when you start the game to be able to play as one of your men when you die mainly because it is very helpful with sieges, because the AI either get stuck or get caught in a bot choke point (them going up one latter) When I started using this mod it made me experience of the game much better because I actually stood a chance if I died. Sure you could say I'm bad and don't die but all of us get caught by arrows to the head at times or just get die. Now of course I think this mechanic should only be used with your party. (Not in tournaments obviously). I think this mechanic is would be very important to make available on console where the console can not mod it like the PC.

4: Custom Troop Tree If You Own A Kingdom - I think this the hardest one to add and the most important for console and it would be convenient for PC. So I always thought it was great that the Troops wear the color of your banner, but I always thought this should be an option. I haven't really come up with the most balanced way to do this but I think many people agree being able to form your own theme of soldiers is just so awesome and you could sink a lot of time into it creating what and quality of your Kingdom/Clan. I know has probably been talked about between developers, but I think if this addition could happen the game truly one of a kind. The game already is one of a kind. I have tried to come up with ideas on how would work. The obvious one is to make the same price for each tier as the other faction tiers and let the player equip each tier how ever they want. But I also think you could just make one tier in the recruiting option of a castle and just customize one troop to give like that signature troop if that makes sense. I mean doing that would still allow a creative player troop instead of an entire tree. I think this mechanic is would be very important to make available on console where the console can not mod it like the PC.

That is my main list of additions I think would be great hope to see it in the game I mean any of those additions would be nice, but I do think controlling an ally after death is super nice.

Thank You, and I hope everyone has a good day every day.


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My first one is hosting a feast.
Agreed. Many people only think of the AI feast but hosting your own feast for you faction was interesting and very useful. Also sending them presents too!
Yeah, I don't ant to wait around but it's weird to just be on the map passing time and I would like to go into cap scene to look at troops and stuff.
Control One Of Your Allies After Death
Yeah, or before death too, why not! It's in the RTS command mod and I like it.
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