Since we can now craft weapons, we should be able to improve existing weapons

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By which I mean use the crafting system to remove the negative 'cracked/rusty/bent' etc. modifiers from existing weapons, and even potentially add a positive 'balanced/tempered' etc. modifier.


I was just thinking that earlier today! 100% support this idea. If we or a companion has good smithing, why shouldn't we be able to "fix" weapons, as you say, removing negative modifiers and/or adding on positive modifiers?

Kea Black

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yes this would be a good addition, at least allow us to repair the items, removing negative modifiers

speaking of "repairing" items, I'm experiencing a bug that resets all the modifiers from items in my inventory (sadly it remove the good modifier too), but I don't know how to reproduce it, I simply leave negative modifier items in my inventory and wait till they loose the modifiers, pretending that my men had done the repairs in their spare time
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