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simple more specific orders in combat

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select a unit with number key. F1 for attack orders. hold alt and then click on an enemy units banner. units could apply their main feature, like archers advance, infantry charges etc. and one could still choose an approach since you hit F1 before.
quite simple and something this game really needs i think. battles get kinda repetitive after some time cause units always do the same thing. this would help a lot i think. it is a crucial component to fighting and without it the game feels kinda soft. not like proper war. 'let the units do their thing for you, the whole fighting stuff, dont worry TOO MUCH about tactics.' it adds a challenge and speaks to the tactician. like there is a way more advanced feeling to being able to command your units properly. otherways what do you command anyway :p

ive read and agree with complaints about archers shooting at single units like cav instead of a bulk a bit further away, proper cav charges into the right unit instead them running after single cavs, stuff like that. the only way to really cav charge is by leading them yourself apparently (havent done that much yet)

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