EU Skirmish Completed Sign up thread for EU tournament [Deadline for signups extended to the 31st May]

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To get this a bit more tidy I politely ask all teams to sign up again using this thread

Sign up form teams:
Contact persons:
Roster (with Steam links) (max 12 players):

Sign up form tournament staff:
Nickname TW/Steam
References in Warband (if you have any)
Clan membership (if you are member of a clan)


Teamname: Rokoszanie [Rokoszanin]
Contact persons: FortunA, DraKe

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The deadline for the sign ups might be extended since the tournament team discovered it might need a bit more time to get the infrastructure up and running. The name is decided. I will create a group soon and then post a link here.

Deadline Extention to the first 31st of May.
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